PayPal FAQ

1. Common uses of PayPal

Collection and payment: you can pay any merchant account in the world to buy goods, pay or brush on behalf of others, which greatly protects the privacy of personal information. It can receive remittances from all over the world, whether as an independent station, Amazon review return, imitation brand or tiktok creator fund.

PayPal purchasing agent, pay FB advertising fee: the most common purchasing agent, FB advertising fee, need to use PayPal

Mobile payment: PayPal accounts in the United States can use QR code scanning for payment. If the other party has QR code collection, you can use QR code scanning for payment.

Withdrawal check: the balance in PayPal in the United States can be withdrawn from the check account and redeemed in the bank with a check without using a bank card

Diversified currency: no matter which country the other party is, you can pay you, and you can send payment to him

2. Precautions for safe use of PayPal

IP address in the United States: fix the IP address of PayPal and provide an account in the IP city to ensure that there will be no problems when logging in. Click the page to keep the account every day.

In and out of small funds: do not enter or leave any funds in the first three days after purchasing PayPal. After logging in for three consecutive days, you can enter the account in a few dollars, but do not transfer out in time. After a few days, slowly increase the appropriateness. Risk control told you to remember to change IP frequently in the early stage, log in to a browser with multiple PayPal accounts, and get in and out quickly with large amounts, Otherwise, this number will be subject to risk control before long. Please be sure to keep it in mind.

Risk control informed: in the early stage, remember to change IP frequently, log in to a browser with multiple PayPal accounts, and get in and out quickly with a large amount, otherwise this number will be risk controlled before long. Please be sure to keep in mind.

3. Common causes of PayPal risk control

Bank card and credit card binding risk control: adding bank card and credit card after purchasing PayPal causes the account to be subject to risk control, because the bank card and credit card you add may have been bound to other PP before, Paypal will doubt whether the account is stolen and immediately take risk control to restrict capital access.

IP risk control problem: IP risk control is the most common one. Because the common login addresses are inconsistent, especially for new accounts, old accounts will also be recruited. Therefore, do not change the IP at any time. Before login, you must first check the environment, check the proxy server IP, and change to the common login, so as to ensure that there will be no problems.

Risk control of account Association: This is also the most common kind of carelessness. Domestic paypal and foreign PayPal log in together, which eventually leads to the account being associated. If you are unlucky, risk control will appear in both accounts. American PP must use VPS or fingerprint browser to log in with IP, which is the safest way.

Unable to pay: landing is normal PayPal login everything seems normal, but it is unable to pay, large amount of money can not be paid, and finally can not even pay for a beautiful knife. When faced with this situation, the United States social security number will go back to Alipay and repeat the real name authentication.

Repeat adding credit card PayPal payment: it always shows adding credit cards and falls into an infinite cycle. Adding credit cards again and again shows that the operation will stop the second time. It is not your network problem, but the PayPal merchant's problem. It may be the restriction caused by card encryption or signature verification, and the merchant refuses to accept credit cards issued in China

4. How to log in after purchasing PayPal

The first step is to use VPS and fingerprint browser

In order to ensure that the account is in a secure environment, it is best to use VPS and fingerprint browser, because Paypal will automatically identify the user's environment. If it is identified that you have logged in to other accounts before, Paypal will risk control

Because PayPal's risk control mechanism is a global leader, as a global payment giant, we still strictly follow the operation process.

Step 2 VPS installation and fingerprint browser cooperate with proxy server

VPS is the real computer address in the United States. The fingerprint browser and IP are used to defraud PayPal. PayPal thinks that you are really in the United States. The browser using Google is the best choice. The IP must not be changed casually. It is best to keep this IP. If you change PayPal casually, it will think that someone has stolen your account, and then take a protection mechanism

VPS and fingerprint browser Google search, search a lot, or ask your peers, can solve the problem

Step 3 import cookies

First, use the browser plug-in to import Gmail cookies, gobank cookies and paypal cookies. You must import them first, so that Paypal will not check you if you log in in in a strange place or the original cookie taste

The tool to import cookies is available in the Google plug-in store. Name: editthiscookie search and add. If you don't use this tool, please Baidu to learn by yourself without asking others

Step 4 log in to PayPal

When you log in to PayPal, you must pay attention to the difference of 12 hours between American time and Chinese time. When you log in in China during the day, it is midnight in the United States, so you must watch the time, either in the morning or at night in China. Never land at noon in Chinese time. If you form a habit, Paypal will think you have a problem, and then risk control will appear

This is the most basic maintenance number. Log in once a day. Just click it for a few minutes. You must log in according to American time

PayPal withdrawal question

First of all, you should understand that this is PayPal in the United States. The identity is American. You can't withdraw cash directly to your Chinese account. You can use other third-party payment institutions to support collection from PayPal under the wrong name. There is no need to verify the account name

There are many ways to cash out, more than one, you can understand it by yourself

Collection and payment issues

In the early stage, just log in for three days. Don't have any capital flow. After three days, properly receive a dollar to the account, but the amount should not be too large. Step by step. PayPal can flow in a large amount of funds. Don't flow out immediately. Don't transfer in and out frequently. Paypal will think you're money laundering, and then risk control will be carried out

The basic knowledge of PayPal in the United States must be learned by Google, or it will be controlled by risk

5. * PayPal withdrawal

1. Wanlihui and paianying cash out, register their platform account through wanlihui and paianying, remit us dollars to your platform account, and withdraw ready-made RMB from their platform.

2. When domestic banks receive accounts, these third-party platforms support global currency collection and cash in your local currency, which solves the problem of cross-border e-commerce US dollar to RMB. If you don't know how to use these platforms, you can Google them.

3. Looking for businesses that specifically collect PayPal dollars, many of them are personal. You can find reliable people to sell dollars to him and transfer RMB to you. These problems can also be perfectly solved through such channels.

4. Find a platform that supports the purchase of bitcoin or usdt with us dollars, buy all the US dollars in paypal for bitcoin or usdt, and then sell them on the platform to businesses that support RMB payment, so as to achieve cash realization. Or find a virtual card to see if it can be bound to the trading platform, withdraw the PP money and buy BTC on the trading platform

5. My account received a sum of money. Why is it frozen? Because you are a new seller, all payments received will be frozen before you fail to pass the seller's verification.

What are the charges for using a PayPal account?

The fees are the same for all PayPal account types.

Goods and services - payment for shopping. If you are a buyer, there is no charge for purchasing goods or services with PayPal. If you are a merchant, receiving payment for goods or services (such as selling items on eBay) will incur charges.

How to settle the negative balance in PayPal account?

If your transaction is cancelled for any reason (such as chargeback or compensation application failure) and there is not enough funds in your account to pay the cancellation amount, your PayPal account balance may become negative. In this case, you must reimburse paypal for the amount of the cancelled transaction and the related expenses incurred by PayPal. Please settle the negative balance of your account as soon as possible. If you fail to settle the negative balance within 120 days, your account may be frozen and you will not be able to log in to your PayPal account.

To settle the negative balance, you can recharge your account according to the following steps:

Go to your account home page. Click the negative balance amount. Select an available option to recharge your account. Click continue, and then follow the prompts.

If your account has a negative balance, we may use any funds received in your account or the balance in other currencies you hold to offset the negative balance. Pending withdrawals in the account may also be cancelled.

Why do I receive payments that are "open"?

"Unsettled" means that the electronic check payment is being processed and the payment has not been transferred to your PayPal account. Electronic check refers to the electronic payment sent through the buyer's bank account. Similar to paper checks, it may take 5-7 working days to process electronic checks. You can click the "open" payment, and the expected settlement date of the e-check will be displayed in the transaction details page. The actual settlement date depends on the bank. For example, the settlement date of funds may be delayed due to the delay of the banking system or the processing error of individual banks. We recommend that you ship or complete the service after the e-check has been settled. After the e-check is settled, the payment will be transferred to your PayPal account balance, and the payment status in the transaction record page will be displayed as "settled".

How do I pay through paypal?

You can use the payee's email address or pay through The source of payment is your PayPal balance, or a credit or debit card associated with your PayPal account.

Payment is made using the payee's email address

The method of payment through PayPal account is as follows: go to pay and collect. Enter the email address of the payee and click next. Select the payment type. Enter the payment amount, select the currency, add a message to the payee (optional), and then click continue. Check your payment information and click pay now. On the payment page, your payment currency will default to the currency of your payee's country or region. If you have agreed with the payee, you can also change it to another currency. After the payment is sent, your payee will receive an email notification. If they don't have a PayPal account, they can register an account to receive your payment according to the instructions in the email.

Pay with

You can also try, our new quick collection and payment method. If your payee has a link, they can share the link with you and you can easily pay through PayPal. Learn more about using Practical tip: preferred payment method. You can choose debit card or credit card as the preferred payment method. We will use this payment method when you shop online or pay for goods or services. If you do not set the preferred payment method, we will pay with your PayPal balance (if any) by default.

Can I change my PayPal address to another country?

may not.

If you have addresses in both countries or regions, you can keep your original PayPal account and register a new account with other email addresses and financial information.

In accordance with banking regulatory regulations,

You cannot change your address to a different country / region than the country / region in which you opened your account. If you are going to immigrate abroad, you need to cancel your existing account and then open a new account in the country where you currently live

How do I edit the name of the account holder on my PayPal account?

If the user name on your PayPal account is misspelled, or you have legally changed your name, we can help you update the user name on your PayPal account. However, changing the name on your account to someone else's name is not allowed

1. Go to settings. 2. Click Edit next to your name. 3. Select the type of change you want to make.

Follow the instructions on the page: in order to provide basis for your name change application, we may require you to submit documents, which you can upload through your account. After we receive the documents, we will review your application and usually reply to you within 3 to 5 working days

How do I withdraw funds from my PayPal account balance? How long does it take?

You can withdraw the balance in your PayPal account to your bank account in mainland China, Chinese mainland Hongkong or the United States. To complete this operation, please associate your bank account with paypal and ensure that your user name is consistent with the bank account opening name. In addition to cash withdrawal to the bank account, you can also apply for a cheque. The method of withdrawing money from PayPal account on the computer is as follows: go to the account home page. Under your PayPal balance, click transfer. Select the withdrawal method, and then complete the withdrawal according to the instructions. The method of withdrawal using paypal application is as follows: click PayPal balance on the home screen. Click withdraw. Complete cash withdrawal according to the instructions. The processing time of each withdrawal type may be different. Please refer to the official fee of paypal for details

Why is my paypal payment frozen?

When the payment is frozen, the transaction funds you receive will be saved in your PayPal account, but will not be available temporarily. Delayed lending is an industry practice designed to create a more secure PayPal network for both buyers and sellers. The purpose of freezing payments is to ensure that there is sufficient funds in your PayPal account to resolve any possible problems, such as chargebacks or disputes.

If the payment you receive is frozen, we will email you. You can also go to the transaction page to view the payment status at any time.

The common reasons why funds are temporarily unavailable are as follows:

You are a new PayPal seller, or you are a certified seller but have opened a new account. You need time to accumulate enough successful transactions. You haven't sold for some time. Previously inactive accounts may experience payment freeze when they rebuild a good sales record. You have received a large number of cancellations, disputes, or chargebacks. We suggest you communicate more with customers and try to solve problems with them. Do not send any items when your customer disputes or refunds because someone illegally uses their PayPal account for transactions. Your sales model has changed. For example, your sales volume has increased abnormally, or your average sales price, business platform or the type of items sold have changed. The items involved in the transaction are high risk, including tickets, gift cards, consumer electronics, computers and travel kits